Stone Circles

Note as of August 2013:
I have prepared a new theory to explain the mystery of the stone circles of Lampedusa (or "timpuna" as the locals call them): i hope to be able to present it during the 2013 summer in Lampedusa.
To date the only study on the Lampedusa stone circles available in the literature is this paper:
Le Strutture curvilinee di Lampedusa: proposta di interpretazione” Armida De Miro, in Quaderni dell’ Istituto Archeologia, Università di Messina, n. 9 , year  1994.
it provides the readers with a full understanding of the problems and questions concerning these structures/manufacts but it falls short of providing a final interpretation and definitive answers to the still open questions and issues. Hopefully my ongoing study will shed light on the stone circles of Lampedusa providing a chronological framework and a satisfactory interpretation of their function and meanings.
I will present all my findings about the Lampedusa Stone circles at the conference of August 11, 2013 at the auditorium "Area Marina Protetta" of Lampedusa:

Below some examples of the Lampedusa stone circles (there are more than 100 similar to these in the island).