Satellite map of Lampedusa:

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Lampedusa is the largest of the Pelagie islands in the South Mediterranean sea:  a long narrow island, stretching approximately 6 miles from its Eastern to its Western side, Lampedusa was known to the ancients as Lopadusa. It is situated about 112 miles S.S.W. of Agrigento in Sicily (the capital of the province under the administration of which it is placed), but belongs geologically to the African continent, being situated on the edge of the submarine platform which extends along the east coast of Tunis, from which it is just 70 miles distant eastwards. 
There is plenty of information on the web about the climate, flora, fauna and geography of Lampedusa therefore we are not going to discuss further the description of Lampedusa as it looks now: we are more interested in how Lampedusa may have looked many years ago and that is why decided to publish some web pages dedicated to:

Geology of Lampedusa

Paleoclimate of Lampedusa

Paleohydrography of Lampedusa

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