Megalithic-Lampedusa.com has been created for educational purposes only: our mission is to promote and spread the knowledge of the unique archaeological heritage of the island of Lampedusa, we have decided to publish our blog in English in order to better accomplish our mission and to facilitate the interactions between visitors from different countries and cultures.
We do believe that a better knowledge of our past is a key factor for a brighter future of our society.
In this site we focus in particular on Lampedusa's megalithic monuments and prehistoric remains which are really little known to the international researchers, students and amateurs: for some reasons the same existence of a prehistoric culture which left megalithic remains on Lampedusa remained unnoticed to most of the academic and amateurs' community up to the currents days. Now we want to shed a new light on this forgotten aspect of Lampedusa and hopefully provide the world with some information that could broaden the horizon of the current research efforts about the prehistory in the Mediterranean Sea.
We strongly encourage our visitors to be proactive and help us with our mission sharing ideas, pictures, papers for the benefit of our community; we would like to offer information with an interdisciplinary approach in this blog and any contribution of content and ideas by geologists, archaeologists, climatologists and also from amateurs is welcomed and will benefit all. Most if not all the material we post here is free of charge, we did not start this blog to make money, we cover our own out of pocket expenses and in the future we may rely on donations to fund our efforts and not for profit. 
We recomend our users and visitors to respect copyright laws and do not post here material protected by local and international copyright laws and more importantly we promote respect and care for the archaeological remains and objects that can be found on Lampedusa : most of them are not protected and great care must be used when visiting them. The Italian Cultural Heritage law prohibits taking pictures, filming and publishing pictures of the cultural heritage without authorization. Visitors and tourists landing on Lampedusa may occasionally find on land and below the sea objects that can have some kind historical or archaeological interest: those should not be removed unless they are in real danger or if otherwise they may be lost forever or damaged. Any such object observed or found should be reported to the competent authorities complying to the Italian laws. We have added to this website a dedicated section to help you defend the historical heritage of Lampedusa with instructions, laws and regulation that may be of interest and with contacts to the "Soprintendeza di Agrigento: beni culturali e dell' identità siciliana"" (the local competent authority).

Founder, owner and main editor of Megalithic-Lampedusa.com is Diego Ratti.

Diego is graduated Magna Cum Laude in Economy at the Bocconi University of Milan, he works as financial controller and and forex trader, his passion for astronomy and archaeology and love for the island of Lampedusa has motivated him to start publishing this website. This is what Diego says about Megalithic-Lampedusa.com  : " .. when I was a child my father took me for the first time to the island of Lampedusa: he first showed me the Stone Circles of Lampedusa and he explained me the importance of our archaeological heritage, thirty years later doing the same with my child I realized that the archaeological heritage belong to humanity and that we have the duty to pass to the new generations all our knowledge of the past to make our world a better one and with this idea in mind I started to publish Megalithic-Lampedusa.com..." 
Diego is an amateur student of archaeoastronomy: to make Megalithic-Lampedusa.com a better website for all the visitors and readers he intends to periodically invite and solicit people with academic background to contribute to this blog and he will make sure that any post of this blog is accompanied by accurate and pertinent bibliographic references.


Contributors of Megalithic Lampedusa.com are:
If you want to join the "staff" of Megalithic Lampedusa, feell free to contact us: your contribution is welcomed.


We wish to express our gratitude to Nino Taranto of Archivo Storico Lampedusa for his moral support and encouragement: Nino has devoted many years to collect historical documents about Lampedusa. He is an invaluable help with any bibliographic research need thanks to his huge historical archive about Lampedusa: Nino created his Lampedusa Historical Archive in order to encourage and promote the protection of the cultural heritage of Lampedusa.

We wish to express our gratitude to Giusy Nicolini the Director of the Natural Reserve "Isola di Lampedusa" for granting us permission to take pictures inside the reserve and publish them. Her tireless efforts to protect the Lampedusa natural environment is a great added value for the island.

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