Prehistoric Village of Tabaccara Coast

It was back in year 2011 when I first wrote about the megalithic village of Tabaccara coast (see original article here). Now, thanks to the International Archaeologic Symposium which we just host in Lampedusa, I had the opportunity to visit that site again with prof Tusa (soprintendenza del MAre Regione Sicilia), prof Borg (University of Malta Built Environment Faculty) and prof. Anthony Bonanno (Universitu of Malta, Archaeology Faculty).   All the three professors agreed that this is indeed a prehistoric village of relevant archaeologic interest. I have therefore prepare a written note that I forwarded to the  competent authorities: "Soprintendenza di Agrigento"  (for the archaeological heritage) and  "Ente gestore della Riserva" (the archaeological site is inside the Natural Reserve Park of Lampedusa island): hopefully they will follow up to my note and do something about it. This site, if properly studied could help shedding light on the prehistoric chronological sequence of Lampedusa now so poorly known.
A copy of my note about the site with pictures, drawings and description can be downloaded here:

From left to right:  prof. Borg,  porf Bonanno and  prof. Tusa visiting the prehistoric village of Tabaccara coast : Lampedusa  29/7/2016