Underwater necropolis: archeological mission updates

In June 2015 the submerged prehistoric necropolis of Lampedusa was visited by a team of the Soprintendenza del Mare thanks to a collaboration project with the cultural association Archivio Storico Lampedusa. The team of the Soprintendenza del Mare took pictures,  measured and mapped the underwater structures that we showed them. Since then we have been waiting for their feedback. We have just lerned by prof. Sebastiano Tusa (Head of Soprintendenza del Mare) that:
1- The Soprintendenza del Mare believes additional information is needed before confirming or negating the anthropic genesis of these structures.
2-A new mission will be carried out with the assistance of an expert geologist of the IGV to get an opinion on the geological processes which may be involved in the formation of the paleo-enviroment now submerged where these structures are found.
3-In addition to a submerged geological survey the new mission should carry out an examination of the manufacts disocverd and collected by the author from the submerged necropolis and delivered to the local authorities. Unfortunately during the summer 2015 mission it was not possible to take a view at these manufactes because they were stored in a deposit of Soprintendenza di Agrigento and Soprintendenza del Mare had no access to the deposit.
I believe the prudent approach of the Soprintendenza del Mare makes sense after all and I look forward to new research on  this matter. 
Prof. Tusa told me that I will be provided with the opportunity to pubblish an article on the academic journal called Sicilia Archeologica (to be published in June). That's good news because eventually the academic world will be informed of what's going on here.....
This is all I can say at the moment and I look forward posting more updates as soon as we make some progress.

An archeologist of  Soprintendenza del Mare mapping and measuring a submerged tomb (Lampedusa summer 2015)