Prehistory of Lampedusa

The book "Prehistory of Lampedusa" is ready: I have been working on it for the last two years.
The book is in Italian and hopefully I will find additional time to translate it in English over the next few months.

I will print and send copies to archaeologists, academics and institutions.
Additional copies will be printed and taken to the Archivio Storico Lampedusa next summer. 
This is a 200 full color pages a4 book: printing is particularly expensive therefore I decided to upload all the chapters of the book online and share them for free in order to continue with my efforts to make the prehistory of Lampedusa known so that it can be protected and saved from progressive destruction. 
These are the first chapters that I have uploaded: 

If you have a particular academic interest in the prehistory of the island and need the full book please feel free to contact me.