Menhirs of Lampedusa: site number one "Mare Morto"

A first interesting site with standing stones in Lampedusa can be found in the area surrounding "Mare Morto" bay: here we are going to show some of the most notable features of this site located at teh following coordinates (as per map  posted below)
 35°30'52.74"N -  12°37'23.88"E

Courtesy of Google Earth

In this site we can find two standing stones and two fallen stones, apparently they look like natural featur but the analysis below will reveal that they were part of a broader structure whose remains are still there to be seen despite the badly damaged original landscape (WWII defensive structures have been built just behind this complex while moder residential building have been built around it leaving "miraculously" some remains of the original site).
standing stone

standing stone 2

fallen stones

Now what makes us think that these are not natural features of the landscape but megalithic remains? Two things: the first being the presence of numerous ceramic shreds around the Menhirs the second being the foundation of an ancient hut or small ritual stone circle just next to these Menhirs:

Ceramic shreds 

It is important not to remove these shreds from their original location because researchers can gain important insight information about the site from these little pieces of ceramic.
Now a view of the foundations of a circular structure next to the main Menhir of this site:
Circular foundations next to the standing stones

Circular foundations next to the standing stones

Circular foundations next to the standing stones

View of the site 

This interesting megalithic site is just another example of what can be found in Lampedusa, certainly a site worth more attention, preservation efforts and of course addition study and archaeological research. 

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