Torremuzza about Lampedusa

Gabriele Lancillotto Castello  (1727-1794) prince of Torremuzza, better known simply as "Prince of Torremuzza" was a numismatist and historian who devoted his life to the study of the Sicilian antiquities.
We are particularly interested in a small paragraph dedicated to Lampedusa from its "Siciliae Veteres Nummi"^  of 1781 (see picture below):

Torremuzza openly said that Lampedusa, despite being desert when he was writing (i.e. 1781) it was not so before as the remains of ancient buildings suggested to the author. Why this is particularly interesting to us: because this little paragraph tells us that before the colonization of 1853 the ancient remains of Lampedusa could be easily seen. The ancient buildings described by Torremuzza where covered by the modern buildings built above their remains from 1853 onward, it was only with the archaeological excavations of the eighties (1985-1988) that Roman remains were uncovered in Lampedusa*
There is plenty of more archaeological research to be completed in Lampedusa: although its Roman age is now pretty well understood, still light must be shed on the Punic age of Lampedusa, on the Greeck age of Lampedusa and on the Prehistoric Lampedusa. We Sincerely hope that our small study contributions from this blog will stimulate somehow additional archaeological efforts to unveil the mysterious past of Lampedusa.

August 2011 copyright by Diego Ratti

^Gabriello Lancellotto Castelli, Principe di Torremuzza, Siciliae Veteres Nummi, Actuarium primum, Actuarium secundum ,Palermo 1781-1791
*"Lampedusa Scavi 1985-1988 Comunicazione di A. De Miro and C. Aleo Nero"