Natural Reserve Lampedusa Island

The Natural Reserve "Isola di Lampedusa" was established in 1995 to protect an area of extreme importance for the wildlife, flora and fauna of Lampedusa.

Map of the Natural Reserve (courtesy of R.N.O. Isola di Lampedusa)

Insider the Zone A of the Natural Reserve we have found many megalithic remains and thanks to the permission of the Ente Gestore of the Natural Reserve we can publish here some pictures taken inside the reserve. We recommend to all tourists and visitors of Lampedusa who wish to visit the Natural Reserve to ask for advice and specific instructions to the Ente Gestore whose office and contacts are as follows: 

R.N.O Isola di Lampedusa
Via V. Emanuele 27
92010 Lampedusa AG
Tel: +39-0922971611
Fax: +39-0922-971812

The Natural Reserve has its how rules and regulations that visitors must comply with when visiting it: we recommend to ask advice to the Ente Gestore if you need further information.

We wish to thank the Ente Gestore of the Natural Reserve and LEGA AMBIENTE for their support and kind permission to publish on our blog pictures of megalithic structures taken inside the Reserve. 
The Ente Gestore of the Reserve has fought many battles over the years to protect the Nature of Lampedusa and it has also shown great interest and attention to the protection of the cultural heritage of the island.