Italian Cultural Heritage Laws and Competent Authorities for Lampedusa

The Italian law protects the Cultural Heritage: the text of the law (in Italian) can be found here: Italian Cultural Heritage Law. It is important to understand that in Lampedusa most of the archaeological and cultural heritage is not protected and therefore tourists and visitors should use maximum care when visiting, if something of potential archaeological interest is found it must be reported within 24 hours to the local authority competent for Lampedusa. In the event that something of potential archaeological interest is found by chance, nothing should be removed unless there is a serious risk for the heritage and what is found should be delivered to the local authorities. For more information:
The website of the Italian Ministry for Culture and Heritage can be visited here: Beni Culturali
The website of the local authority competent for Lampedusa Culture and Heritage can be visited here: Soprintendenza di Agrigento
It is impoortant to remember that Lampedusa is considered an area of Special cultural interest: